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Planable updates

Custom views




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We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of custom views – the most efficient way to navigate the exact content you're looking for, in seconds.

If you use the same set of filters often, you'll love this. You can now save your favorite group of posts for quick and easy access. Once you found the right filter combinations — save it as a custom view for future use. Create it once, and access it anytime with a click.

But that’s not all - with custom views, you have complete control over filters, sorting, pages, and visibility of your posts. Choose the criteria that matter most to you, and decide whether to view your posts in the feed, calendar, grid, or list view. Plus, decide whether to make your views open to everyone, just your team, or private to you.

With custom views, it’s never been easier to see exactly what you need when you need it. Simply switch between views with one click, and let custom views revolutionize the way you navigate your content.