Internal posts and notes

We are excited to announce our newest feature: internal posts and team notes. If you collaborate with a client you might want to keep some of your posts that are still work in progress away from your client’s eyes. You can now easily save your posts as private to your team, and choose to make them visible whenever they are ready. To do so, in your composer, click on the “eye” icon.

Note: to enable this feature, you need to have at least one person assigned as client in your workspace. Learn how to assign a client →.


Internal posts are marked with a striped top bar and crossed eye icon.

image_preview (2).png

Internal notes

Often a comment needs to be seen by your team only, private from the client. Add internal notes to conversations and discuss posts behind the scenes with your internal team only. Internal notes are marked with a yellow-ish color:

image_preview (1).png

Let us know what you think! And as always, stay productive. 😊