Planable updates
Planable updates

New mobile navigation




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The latest mobile app version comes with an amazing and major update: faster and better navigation.

First thing you'll notice when logging in, you're taken directly to where you left off previously. Inside your workspace, on the page you were last working on. To navigate to your other workspaces simply swipe left or press the drawer button in the top left corner and you'll see them all, with your favorite workspaces always at the top.

To set a workspace as a favorite, simply hold and drag it slightly to the right. The "Favorite" option will appear on the right. Select it so it's moved to the top.

At the bottom of this menu, you'll find the app settings. But, even more exciting, you'll also find the option to reach out directly to our support chat for any questions or assistance. Right from the mobile app, you can chat in real-time with our team.

BONUS: iOS users are also able to see all workspaces by long-pressing the workspace icon on the left bottom corner, next to the activity section.