Planable updates
Planable updates

Revamped filters





We’re delighted to share the latest update in our app. The Filter&Sort feature is now more powerful and flexible, allowing you to see exactly the posts you’re interested in. We’ve added several criteria for posts to be filtered by, and also added the option to combine filters any way you need. As well as a couple of new ways to sort posts. The latest version enables you to customize your views just how you want them, seeing only the posts you need to focus on.

See which posts have been approved but not yet scheduled in seconds. Or sort posts by recent comments, to make sure you’re not missing any feedback.

Along with new functionalities, comes a new look that allows you to navigate the options swiftly.

The newest version allows you to filter posts by 8 categories, and to choose if posts should meet or not the criteria:

  • Approval status
  • Scheduled status
  • Feedback & Activity
  • Labels
  • Period of time
  • Post type (post, story, Reel)
  • Type of content (image, video, link, etc.)
  • Author of post

Once you’ve selected all the filters you can choose if you want to see posts that match all the filters or at least one.

For the sorting feature we’ve added two new options to ensure you’re always up to date:

  • Recent comments – sort posts by the ones with the most recent comments
  • Last activity – sort posts by the ones with the most recent activity (comment/approval/scheduled/published)

Mobile app

The new powerful filter&sort feature is also available on the mobile app.* Use all 8 categories and combine them any way you’d like to see exactly which posts you need. If you’re on the go, no need to keep scrolling until you see what you’re interested in. Filter away to see the content you need to focus on.

The same goes for sorting. Make sure posts are always ordered in the way you need them to be.

The new design makes navigating and adjusting filters a breeze. Want to remove only one of the filters? Simply swipe to the left and tap the bin icon.

filters mobile.gif

*Make sure to update your mobile app to the latest version to access the new filters.